Meet our team

We have an outstanding and experienced medical team specializing in gynecological care and wellness. In addition, we’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Mary Ciranni-Callon and Dr. Samuel Tripp, who will be joining us this summer.

We look forward to seeing you at our beautiful new office at 170 Science Parkway in Rochester. Call 585.545.7200 to book your appointment.

Mary Ciranni-Callon, DO

Mary Ciranni-Callon DO

Samuel Tripp, MD

Samuel Tripp MD

Joan Brenner, CNM

Joan Brenner CNM

MaryKay Wintermute, Office Manager

MaryKay Wintermute Office Manager

Jolene Griffith, PA

Jolene Griffith PA

Doreen Cook, Sonographer

Doreen Cook Sonographer

Liz Arlington, RN

Liz Arlington RN

Bridgette Zayas, PSR

Bridgette Zayas PSR

Marilu Muzyka, MOA

Marilu Muzyka MOA

“We believe that all of our patients deserve compassionate, high-quality healthcare that is comprehensive, convenient, and affordable. Contact the Center for Gynecological Care & Wellness at 585.545.7200 to schedule your appointment.”